Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting more serious

A couple of birthday gifts made it possible for me to order a set of plans with DVDs. The set arrived December 27, 2011. My current circumstances are such that I dare not start purchasing lumber, but I have begun building a sailboat anyway—a working model scaled 3/4ths of an inch to 1 foot. I bought some poster board that was close to the right thickness. (It would be about 5/8ths ply. I am not matching the three thicknesses called for in the plans.)

I also am NOT making a scale replica model of a Weekender sailboat to place on the mantle and collect dust. This model gives me experience following the plans, and lets me work out practicality and dimensions for my modifications. In addition I bought two artist manikins which are a scale size of six foot six and 250 pounds—about my son's size. So if they fit, he and I will, too.
Here is a stack of 4x8 sheets, dimensional lumber strips, and the finished keel. The smallest size I'm cutting is "1x2" or inch-and-a-half-wide strips at this scale (for the rub rails specifically). The plans call for stringers that are smaller, but I think hot glue spreading out from the joints will do nicely!
The bottom is now attached to the keel. Too bad the full size job doesn't come together this quickly...
It is looking like a sailboat! This is a very useful stage in the build process. I've worked out a number of specifics by placing my sailors in various positions and noting what I see. I have then modified my copy of the plans accordingly.

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