Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I like the progress I am making

I am almost ready to attach the cabin roof. My android sailor is finding the shelf to be crowding his space some. Note the added cabinet above his knees. This is where I plan for my electronics to live. The yellow wires extending through the cabin wall and upwards would go to a masthead light and a VHF antenna—if I go with a built–in radio. Notice how the wall paper inside the cabin matches my external color scheme...

Lots of details to notice, starting in the upper left hand portion of the frame: An additional shelf in the aft (rear) starboard corner of the cabin; then to the right on the other side of the main bulkhead you see a cute little cubby for storing lines out of the way; my cockpit seat configuration; the lazarette sans hatch seat cover; and back to the lower left hand part, a top view of the electronics cabinet.

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