Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have not been idle...

I decided to build Kingsfold, but had not purchased plans yet. I began researching in earnest—builder forums, photos, videos, etc. I put my Art Minor to use as well. As I got ideas I wrote them down and sketched them; I tried them out on paper—23 pages of 12x9 inch heavyweight sketch paper so far.
I discovered a couple of things quickly. One is that I had several priorities: plenty of leg room in the cockpit, at least one tall person being able to lay down in the cabin, and several others which have been dropped from my list with time and research. (More about my research later)
I want room for three adult bodies to be aboard in comfort for long sails. This priority revealed the second thing I discovered. I am good at coming up with designs for things, but they involve a lot more work than I want to spend in building (I want to be sailing, rather.). So time after time I have had to go back to sticking with the original plans—except where certain priorities of mine outweigh the original design. But even then I have still gone back to find ways to simplify the execution of my ideas.
This is pretty much my favorite drawing so far. It shows some cabin modifications to make cruising more enjoyable for me. The detail photos of the model later on show how the idea built out.

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