Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some construction detail photos

There is a little bit of a contrast in quality between these photos made with my Nikon D300 on a tripod and others in this blog made with my cell phone. Imagine that.

The base of the mast shows my use of screw eyes to take the place of blocks. Notice this mast is hinged! The red halyard cleated off is a spare one I plan to include on my full scale boat.

Here is how I represented cam cleats. The green line is the peak halyard; the cyan line is the jib sheet. Now that I look at this configuration, I may put both cleats on the cabin roof—one less trip hazard. Also, you can see I tried out my paint scheme on only the port side of the model. I still have some notes written on the starboard side that I want to keep track of.

The gaff jaws at work. Yes, the peak halyard got caught where it doesn't belong.

My electronics cabinet. Behind the grab rail is where I cleated off the green throat halyard and blue jib halyard, tucking the ends in the small cubby.

Here is my cabin corner shelf. Compare this and my electronics cabinet photos to the drawing I posted earlier on this blog.

The android sailors show off my tiller ⁄ rudder design. (The rudder box goes up too high. I want the tiller to be pretty much horizontal—hinged, maybe—and to clear the taff rail by an inch or so.) The seat hatch is in place on the lazarette. And on the near cabin roof the halyard cleats and fairleads are more visible.

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