Sunday, August 18, 2013

Final Model Photographs!

This model was built at a scale of 1 inch equals 1 foot, which gave me a more-accurate level of precision than the previous 3/4":1' version. I needed to model my modifications—widening the aft deck width by four inches, adding foot room under the seats, and raising the cabin trunk height two inches. Building this one helped me catch and correct errors I made in my dimensions for the transom and lazarette front.

This photograph details how I plan to build my cockpit seats. (I only used stringers as needed to construct this model.)

You should be able to see the difference four inches make in aft cockpit legroom. I will widen both the deck and the hull bottom.

One visual detail of the original design that has bothered my eye for a long time is the "margin" around the cabin portholes. The one shown here is to scale according to the plans, now with the added space above and below it. I figured a couple more inches headroom inside couldn't hurt too much, either. I plan to use clear removable inspection plates for the forward windows.

I believe my plans are now ready for cutting marine plywood and lumber. Stay tuned.