Monday, November 9, 2015

More Pieces to Come Together

I sat down with the November 2015 issue of Outside magazine the other day in a waiting area. One particular article prompted me to go out and buy my own copy. This link, to be specific My imagination has been captured ever since. I've already changed some decisions I had made previously in order to now make Kingsfold's hull stronger, and increase the seating area in the cockpit. Talk about "things that make you go 'hmmm'"!

Those decisions include: eliminating the lazarette/extending the seats all the way to the transom in order to maximize cockpit space, keep space on the cockpit floor for adding some sort of pedal drive, fiberglassing the insides of the hull and transom (while using Xynole on the exterior hull, deck and cockpit), modifying my keel and rudder/tiller per Paul Riccelli's designs, making sure to fillet all the edges/joints of the 1/4" hull side panels, and a couple other things as well.

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