Monday, November 9, 2015

The Real Deal Keel!

On the videos that I purchased with my copy of the plans, the Stevensons talk about "first-cut fever." That was never a problem for me. "First epoxying" was. Notice the use of the past tense in that last sentence of mine.

My cure for this fever was to purchase the sample kit from System Three, and then cut some pieces of material that represent pretty much all the uses of epoxy in building Kingsfold. Three layers of 3/4" thick boards like the keel, a stringer, and two pieces of plywood to represent the hull bottom and a hull side.

(Side note: the kit includes a formulation for using with metal. I worked out my mixing process--by weight using a scale--with this epoxy to repair a lamp of my daughter's, and boat-related, to coat the welded areas on my mast hinges, since the welding process removed the galvanization.)

So here is my completed keel:

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