Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Assembling the Aft End Solo

The curves of the deck's aft end and transom are significant. My marine plywood is quite stiff. I only have me to hold the parts together and drill in the screws. During a visit with Barry Pyeat, Weekender builder and a formerly active member of, he gave me this idea.

Steps in the process:

1. Measure the depth of your curve, 3-1/2" for example.

2. Find a board, such as the 2"x4" under the deck here, that is the needed depth.

3. Clamp the ends of the surface to be bent to another 2"x as shown in the photo above.

Alternatively, a cargo strap with a ratcheting connection can also be used, again with lumber in the middle of the plywood at 90 degrees to the run of the strap. The depth of the lumber need not be as precise because the amount of curve is determined by the tightness of the strap.

The vertical 2"x2" scraps are screwed temporarily to the transom. Their ends keep the hull bottom and deck panels separated at just the right distance. They will be removed once the joints are actually glued, and the screw holes will be filled in. The transom only has the stringers/gussets glued on the sides, and these work in parallel with the 2"x2"s. (The top and bottom transom stringers are already glued to the aft end of the deck and hull bottom.)

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