Thursday, November 2, 2017

Significant Progress!

The hull is in place, permanently. Seal up all the remaining screw holes and panel gaps and she would float, right now. Yay! That (not the floating part) is scheduled to happen next week when we permanently attach the rub rails and important pieces on the insides of the hull. Then we proceed to completing the cockpit and hatches, flipping it over for building and attaching the fin keel, …

And in parallel to the construction work, we continue to keep our eyes on the goal—successfully completing the full Race to Alaska in as short a time as we possibly can.

Safely sailing an under-20-foot boat to Ketchikan is a big deal. Ed and I are realizing how much more we need to do beyond getting Kingsfold in the water. We need to be comfortable in conditions like these in Johnston Strait and Dixon Entrance.

To develop the necessary skills we will need to put more time into training. That means we will only go for Stage 1—Port Townsend to Victoria—in the 2018 R2AK. But come 2019, get ready to track Team Kingsfold all the way.

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