Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Building the Network

This video and a photograph with dimensioning on it, posted on the Team Facebook page, led to some valuable guidance from Nate Rooks, Former Director at Stanford Rowing Camps and Former Assistant Rowing Coach at Stanford Athletics. More importantly, he and his brother Cooper completed the full Race to Alaska in 2016 and reprized Stage 1 in 2017.

I also found some excellent information on the Angus Rowboats website. Doubly helpful because Colin Angus finished the R2AK in 2016.

I ran my oarlock riser designs past my mechanical engineer son. He did some calculations and simulated an exaggerated stress test on the third version I sent him.

The result of all this wonderful help is that I will be lowering my oarlocks considerably, and now have proven information to optimally locate them on the side decks.

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