Monday, April 9, 2018

I can't do this alone, so, "Thanks" to:

Or, “It’s not what you know, but who….”
In this case, it's my brother, Greg. He is a long-time employee at Paul Fritts & Company. Notre Dame Magazine featured him this last year in this article about a Paul Fritts organ installed at the University of Notre Dame.
It may seem odd that a company that builds tracker pipe organs would have any connection to sailboat building. But through this connection, I have access to a bit of lead, some old growth lumber, and a high-tech table saw which will be the right tool for the job of cutting the pieces to build my hollow mast. To say nothing of my brother's considerable expertise.

My brother also enjoys spending time in vehicles that use the wind. See for yourself in this video I produced for the Puget Sound Soaring Association.

When I was exploring the idea of making a sailboat, one of the things about the Weekender design that attracted me was that it could be built with common hand tools. As the intended final product has morphed from the stock version outlined in the plans to what I am building for the R2AK, I have moved away from that to take advantage of other resources that go beyond "common hand tools."