Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cutting Holes in My Boat Today

No, I'm not sabotaging my project. I'm making progress. There are now four holes in the cabin wall for portlights, and one in the main bulkhead for a compass.
A friend of mine salvages old sailboats. A visit to his place got me quite a number of items for an excellent price. Thank you, Randy! The bulkhead-mount compass and my new boarding ladder are two of them. And this photo clearly shows the self-draining cockpit arrangements (another hole in my boat) I am in the process of building.
"Coincidentally," a construction error I made a couple years ago necessitated that I build out the base for my rudder's upper gudgeon. I had not settled on a solution for re-entering the boat after taking a swim until I found this hinged rung. The folded ladder tucks away nicely against the transom, out of the way of the rudder pushed hard over because of the extension I built quite awhile ago. I wish I had begun and kept a journal to document the many errors-that-became-features like this one which I have encountered building Kingsfold.